The Red Apron

Dear Parent of Little Acorn ELC Participant;

The Red Apron is proud to be part of the Little Acorn ELC Community

Many childcare centres operate with little budget or consideration for the food the children are eating.  Joanne’s desire to provide her participants with a rich understanding of the importance of quality ingredients that nourish their own bodies while taking the opportunity to educate the children on health, the environment and community made this a project we wanted to be part of.

We have built The Red Apron on a commitment to provide delicious meals, sourcing local ingredients, and using organics when possible. We believe that the connection between the foods we eat, our health, the health of our community and the environment is an important one. We operate our business with consideration for the impact of our decisions.

Our primary service is a Mid Week Dinner Service. Members sign up to receive a freshly prepared meal, delivered to their home.  In our retail location we stock an extensive selection of fresh and frozen prepared meals, fresh bread, fresh baked sweet and savoury pies and shelf goods. Our website is very comprehensive and includes the weekly menus.

Our agreement with the Centre is to provide daily delivery of fresh food consisting of lunch, a fresh baked muffin, fresh vegetables with healthy dips, and seasonal fruit. The food will be sufficient to provide a meal and two snacks and will cover the requirements laid out by the Canada Food Guide – and more!

Each month we will provide a schedule outlining the meals for that month, which Joanne has indicated will be posted for parents to review. The meals will change from month to month, based on seasonal availability of the ingredients. All dried goods used will be organic (flour, beans, pasta, rice, etc).  Fruits and vegetables will be fresh and local & organic when possible. We will make every effort to only use meats that are hormone and antibiotic free.


Jennifer & Jo-Ann
The Red Apron
564 Gladstone Avenue