Children’s Groupings

The Preschool is licensed as follows:

  • 2 classrooms of 15 Toddler children, 18 to 30 months of age
  • 2 classrooms of 24 Preschool children, 30 to 60 months of age
  • 1 classroom of 10 Kindergarten children, 44 to 60 months of age
  • Fees For Care-

Preschool Fee is $1,388.00 per month
Toddler Fee is $1,488.00 per month
Food is included in the fees quoted above as we are catered by The Red Apron.

Art and Creativity

We recognize the importance of Art and Creativity in the development of children.  When creating an artistic work, a child is learning to communicate visually.  Creativity is an important skill that is invaluable at school, in the workplace and in everyday life.  Art also encourages the development of fine motor skills, problem solving skills in a variety of contexts, self-expression techniques, as well as providing a safe way to experience other cultures.


We recognize that music is an important part of a child’s intellectual growth and will have a music teacher on staff to instruct a separate music program.  The program will be in partnership with the children’s curriculum as well as offering a variety of musical experiences.


Little Acorn ELC is open year round. When a space becomes available, or when a family gives notice of withdrawal, the centre will look to its families on waiting list from CSEC and then to other lists including the Centralized Waiting List to find a replacement child.
We recommend that you schedule a tour of the Preschool when putting your child on the waiting list, but it is not necessary. Our desire that you as a parent, are able to make informed choices for your child’s education and care are paramount.
LAELC Waiting List Application
The above form can be emailed to

Little Acorn ELC Wait List Policy

Little Acorn Early Learning Centre prides itself in offering many options for families including full time care and many  parttime options.  We encourage all families to come to visit us before making a decision about the care and education for their children.  We also ask that all families register with the Centralized Wait List, indicating that Little Acorn Early Learning Centre is one of their choices.

We do have some priorities that we consider when inviting new families to join us.  In order of priority, care will be offered to

  • Children currently enrolled in the program who want to continue
  • Siblings of children currently enrolled in the program who have submitted a waitlist registration form
  • Children of current Acorn Employees who have submitted a waitlist registration form
  • Returning families. The time span between the withdrawal of a family and their new waitlist registration must not exceed three years.
  • Families of Federal Government as per an initial agreement prior to construction
  • Families who are on the centralized wait list already and who have chosen to put their children on our in-house waitlist after visiting/touring the centre
  • Families who are on the centralized wait list.
  • Special Consideration may be given to families with children who have been identified as special learners.


Any person may ask where they are on the list according to the Policy, but may only have information with regards to themselves and not others due to confidentiality.