Creativity, Children and the Artist

We recognize the importance of Art and Creativity in the development of children. When creating an artistic work, a child is learning to communicate visually. Creativity is an important skill that is invaluable at school, in the workplace and in everyday life. Art also encourages the development of fine motor skills, problem solving skills in a variety of contexts, self-expression techniques, as well as providing a safe way to experience other cultures. Our committed artist continues to be an important part of the Little Acorn programs.

The Artist and the Atelierist​a

The atelier – the studio – is an integral part of a Reggio-Emilia early learning centre. It is a place rich in art materials that invites exploration and discovery: it is a place where children create.
Tending to the atelier is the atelierista, an artist educator who functions as the studio facilitator and visual-arts-related resource. Working alongside the other early childhood educators, he discusses the children’s learning trajectories and considers options that encourage expression. Within the atelier, he helps to extend the children’s interests, providing them with materials and tools to interpret their ideas.
For very young children, process-oriented art is favoured, whereby the process of engaging in an art activity is the goal (as opposed to following directives to complete a particular project that a teacher has pre-planned). Through experiences with art, the children discover the properties and possibilities of the materials and the potential for communication through their creations. They learn that they can use art as a means of personal expression.